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Bild (until the 1970s and colloquially also called Bild-Zeitung) is the daily newspaper with the highest circulation in Germany. The national tabloid has been published by Axel Springer Verlag in Berlin since June 1952.

In addition to the newspaper, Axel-Springer-Verlag publishes a number of print offshoots, the news portal Bild.de and the television channel Bild TV under the Bild media brand. Friede Springer and Mathias Döpfner together hold 44.4% of the shares in the Springer Group, 35.6% belong to KKR and 12.9% to the Canadian fund CPPIB. KKR, as the largest single shareholder, holds three seats on Springer's board of directors.

For a long time, the newspaper had the highest circulation in Europe. The paid circulation is 1,158,273 copies, down 73.7 percent since 1998. In April 2022, 603,284 readers were using the digital service Bild plus, which is subject to a charge. In terms of subscribers, it is the largest in Europe and the tenth largest in the world.

The overall digital offering Bild.de is the most visited news site in Germany and, according to a survey by the Online Research Working Group (agof), had around 25 million visitors in March 2019. In March 2020 there were 21 photo editors: the nationwide and 20 regional editors, which produce 25 different regional editions in addition to the federal edition.

The coverage of the Bild has been the subject of numerous public discussions and criticism for decades. Of all the newspapers in Germany, the Bild has received by far the most reprimands for violations of the press code for decades.

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