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Oktagon is an international martial arts tournament headquartered in Northern Italy and founded in 1996 by Carlo Di Blasi. The annual Oktagon tournaments, attracting 14,000 spectators, are also broadcast on DMAX and Rai Sport television in 120 countries.

Thanks to 2015 (in the 20th edition), tournaments were held at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago near Milan. In 2016, it was announced that the tournament venue will move to Pala Alpitour in Turin and will be held jointly with the American MMA promotion organization Bellator.

Among the Oktagon contestants were Giorgio Petrosyan and his brother Armen Petrosyan.

Di Blasi, founder and president of Oktagon, is also the founder of the Italian martial arts organization Fight1. Member of the World MMA Association, the organization promotes Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and mixed martial arts events such as Oktagon and Thai Boxe Mania, as well as martial arts training.

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