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Watch GS TV live streaming now! GS TV is a Turkish TV channel that broadcasts an extensive array of programming, encompassing a diverse spectrum of popular topics to cater to a broad and engaged audience, including cultural, football, games, history, the latest news, sports, basketball, volleyball, and water sports | Live TV Channels
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Galatasaray TV (GS TV) is a channel of Turkish company Galatasaray S.K. The daily programs of this TV include live games (basketball, volleyball, water polo, equestrian, youth football teams, rowing, and sailing) and learning the cultural roots of Galatasaray (Galatasaray Lycée—Galatasaray Lisesi, Galatasaray Université—Galatasaray Üniversitesi, history of Galatasaray). We don’t know much about them. You can find more info on GS TV: One of the exciting TV channels in Turkish.