Al-Manar (Arabic: المنار, romanized: al-Manār, lit. "Lighthouse") is a Lebanese satellite television station owned and operated by the Iranian-backed Islamist military-political group Hezbollah, broadcasting from Beirut, Lebanon. The channel was launched on June 4, 1991 and is a member of the Arab Broadcasting Union. Al-Manar was designated a "Designated Global Terrorist Organization" and was banned by the United States on December 17, 2004. It was also banned by France, Spain and Germany and faced some service and license issues outside of Lebanon. making it unavailable in the Netherlands, Canada and Australia, although it has not been officially banned in any of these regions. al manar, al manar live, al manar tv, al manar tv live, al manar news, al manar live youtube, al manar english, al manar live tv, al manar tv live streaming, al manar tv lebanon, al manar tv series, al manar tv arabic, al manar tv arabic live, al manar tv news arabic, al manar tv live lebanon arabic,