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Cubavisión Internacional is a television channel founded on July 26, 1986, as a Budgeted unit of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television. It arises from the need to tell the reality that was lived in Cuba and respond to the smear campaigns that were brewing against the Government. In addition to being a reflecting mirror of Cuban traditions and culture, the protagonists told themselves: the people.
In building the Image and Identity of the channel, Cubavisión Internacional has overcome the obstacles that arose at the advent of the new century, such as the fall of the Socialist Camp and the intensification of the Economic Blockade imposed by the United States.
Since 2003 Cubavisión Internacional begins its 24-hour air transmissions, via satellite, 365 days a year with coverage in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia with a presence in 56 countries than 60 million subscribers. 
The main strengths and opportunities of Cubavisión Internacional lie in being the only Cuban television channel with access to the world, and the only one enabled to insert advertising in its programming grid. Therefore, they have qualified human personnel to target more varied programming and with the highest aesthetic quality. 

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