Newsmax TV is an American cable news channel that was launched in June 2014. The channel is owned by Newsmax Media, which is a conservative news organization. Newsmax TV is available on several cable and satellite providers, as well as streaming services such as Sling TV, YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV.

Newsmax TV focuses on news and opinion programming, with a particular emphasis on conservative politics and commentary. The channel's programming includes news coverage, talk shows, and debates featuring conservative personalities and commentators. Some of the channel's most notable shows include "The Greg Kelly Report," "The Howie Carr Show," and "The Joe Pags Show."

The channel also features a variety of other programs, such as documentaries, financial and business news, and health and wellness segments. Newsmax TV is known for its coverage of the White House, Congress, and the Trump Administration.

Newsmax TV is often considered a right-leaning alternative to the more mainstream cable news channels such as Fox News and CNN. It has attracted a strong following among conservative viewers who are looking for a different perspective on the news.

Overall, Newsmax TV is a cable news channel that delivers news and opinion programming with a conservative bias. The channel is geared towards viewers who are looking for a different perspective on the news and current events, and it provides a wide range of programming to cater to different interests.

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