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NH Media, formerly RTV NH and RTV Noord-Holland, is the regional television and radio broadcaster for the province of Noord-Holland. NH Media is made up of NH News, NH Sport and NH Radio.

  The station is located in Amsterdam. The station began on January 1, 1989 as Radio Noord-Holland with a broadcast time of three hours a day; it was later expanded to 24 hours a day. Since 2016, the radio station has been called NH Radio. It is the official emergency channel of North Holland.

STAD Radio Amsterdam (1976-1989, STAD stands for Amsterdam Wireless Broadcasting Foundation), also known as Radio STAD, was a public radio station in Amsterdam. In 1989 the station merged with Radio Noord-Holland.

Radio Noord-Holland began broadcasting on January 1, 1989. At first three hours a day, but eventually became 24 hours a day. At first there were four editions (Het Gooi, Kennemerland, Amsterdam, and Noord), but that number was soon reduced to two: South (Greater Amsterdam, Kennemerland, Haarlemmermeer, Zaanstreek, and Het Gooi) and North (roughly over the North Sea). Canal), with the exception of Zaanstreek/Purmerend).

Since January 3, 2000, the station also carries out television broadcasts. Two editions were also worked on there for some time: one for the Greater Amsterdam region, Zaanstad and Purmerend, and one for the rest of the province. However, due to the high degree of fragmentation in the operation of the cable network and the advent of digital television, it proved difficult to ensure that the broadcasts of the edition ended up in the correct place, so this edition has been discontinued.

Until August 2014, the broadcaster also provided teletext pages in addition to radio and television broadcasts. In addition to the latest news, the website also contains program information. Radio and television can also be heard and watched over the Internet.

Since February 2011, news and shows can also be viewed via a free downloadable app.