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CBS News is the news division of the American broadcaster CBS. CBS News television programs include CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, CBS Sunday Morning news magazine programs, 60 minutes and 48 hours, and Face the Nation Sunday morning political program. CBS News Radio releases hourly news releases for hundreds of radio stations, and also watches CBS News podcasts such as The Takeout Podcast. CBS News also operates the CBSN 24-hour digital news network.

The president and chief executive producer of CBS News is Susan Zirinsky, who took office on March 1, 2019. Zirinski, the first female president of the network’s newsroom, was announced as a replacement for David Rhodes on January 6, 2019. The announcement came during the news that Rhodes "will step down as president of CBS News amid falling ratings and revelations from investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against CBS News figures, said Rhodes and the CBS network."

In 1929, the Columbia Broadcasting System began regularly broadcasting news on the radio - five-minute bulletins taken from United Press, one of three wire services that provided newspapers with national and international news. In December 1930, CBS chief William S. Paley hired journalist Paul W.

White by United Press as CBS News Editor. Paley set the news radio network to the level of entertainment and allowed White to interrupt programming if events were justified. Along with other networks, CBS was annoyed by the breaking news embargo imposed on the radio by wire services that prevented them from using the ballots until they appeared in print. CBS ignored the embargo when it broke the story of Lindbergh's abduction in 1932 using live broadcasts. Radio networks received news in the print media about the 1932 presidential election.

In March 1933, White was appointed vice president and general manager for news at CBS. As the first head of CBS News, he began to create an organization that soon built a legendary reputation.

In 1935, White hired Edward R. Marrow and in 1937 sent him to London to lead the European operation of CBS Radio. White led the state, which included Charles Collingwood, William L. Shearer, Eric Sevaraid, [9] Bill Downs, John Charles Daly, Joseph S. Harsh Cecil Brown, Elmer Davis, Quincy Howe, H.V. Kaltenborn, Robert Trout and Lewis Schollenberger. “CBS got its ducks in a row for the biggest news in history, World War II,” wrote radio historian John Dunning.

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