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CNA (formerly Channel NewsAsia) is an English-language news channel based in Singapore. It broadcasts domestically for free and by subscription to 29 regions in Asia and Australia.

According to the latest Ipsos Asset Survey, CNA ranks as the sixth largest television news channel covering Asian-specific content. Since its launch, the network has been positioned as an alternative to Western international media in presenting news from an “Asian perspective”. It is run by Mediacorp News Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Singapore-based media conglomerate Mediacorp Pte. OOO

CNA also broadcasts news and current affairs in Singapore's four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Content is created for Mediacorp's online platforms and newsletters are created and shown on the mainstream entertainment channels Suria, Channel 5, Channel U, Channel 8 and Vasantham.

CNA broadcasts the news through its own radio station. It also provides live streaming of world news through its official online portal and social media presence via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, as well as tablet and mobile apps that allow viewers to access content anytime.

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