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ERT World (formerly ERT SAT) is an international Greek language television channel run by the national Greek broadcaster Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT). The programming includes a combination of news, talk-based programs, drama, documentaries, entertainment shows and sports coverage, including live games from Greece's top football league, Super League Greece.

As of June 12, 2013, it was dissolved by order of the Greek government, in the framework of austerity measures, along with all previous ERT TV and radio channels. ET1, NET, ET3, ERT World and the radios stopped operating on the morning of Wednesday 12 June. From May 3, 2016, the world of ERT broadcasts again in Europe.

ERT World has created a special program consisting of the best programs from the three national channels, ERT1, ERT2 and ERT3, and its own specialized programs aimed at the global promotion of Greece. He also used to broadcast programs from the Cyprus Broadcasting Company (the Cypriot public broadcaster), but stopped practicing.

Scheduling is divided into two zones - daily and weekend. On weekdays you can find standard news and information as well as some entertainment shows. At the weekend the focus is mainly on entertainment and sports.ert world program, ert world television program, ert world lyngsat, ert world tv greece, ert world live youtube, ert world news, ert world news presenters, ert world tv guide, ert the world alive, ert global satellite Australia, ert world publishing house, ert world basket show, ert basketball world cup, ert world cyprus,