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ERT2 (Greek: ΕΡΤ2, abbreviation for Greek Radiophonia Tileórasi 2, Greek: Hellenic Radio Television 2; Greek for "Greek Radio and Television 2"), formerly NET (abbreviation for Modern Greek Television; Greek: New Greek Television; Greek for 'News Greek Television'), is the second television network of the Hellenic Broadcasting Company (Hellenic: Hellenic Radio Television), the public broadcaster of Greece. Broadcasts documentaries, speeches, news programs, sporting events and children's shows

It was originally referred to as ERT2 and ET2 (abbreviation for Hellenic Television 2, Greek: Greek Television 2, Greek for "Greek Television 2"), but later changed its name to .NET, before returning to ERT2, replacing NERIT Plus. Amid protests over the government's decision to shut down the public broadcaster, ERT staff continued to operate NET via satellite and the internet. until November 7, 2013, when riot police raided ERT's headquarters and shut down NET's online programming.

On February 27, 1966, a second television channel was created by the Hellenic Armed Forces, the Television of the Armed Forces, which in 1970 became the second fully integrated broadcasting organization as the Intelligence Service for the Armed Forces (YENED). It contained news, sports, fashion, music, drama series and rare documentaries, movies and children's programming.

On November 3, 1982, YENED came under political control and was renamed ERT2. Public service broadcasters were the only broadcasters in Greece. ERT2 followed the same programming. In 1987, ERT and ERT2 became one company, ERT and the channels were renamed ET1 and ET2.ert 250 conveyor, ert 2 program, ert 2 radio, ert 2 my brilliant friend, next 2nd program, ert 2 the stekia, ert2 live radio, students lessons,