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RTV Oost is the regional public broadcaster for the Dutch province of Overijssel. The broadcaster is located in Hengelo and has a branch in Zwolle. RTV Oost broadcasts from broadcast stations in Hengelo, Markelo, Losser and Zwolle.

In 2020, the broadcaster employed 112 employees. In addition, the station uses freelancers.

RTV Oost's predecessor was Radio Oost, which was founded in 1978 as a regional division of RONO, Regionale Omroep Noord en Oost. Initially Radio Oost was the regional station for Overijssel and Gelderland and was controlled by NOS.

When the regional stations became independent in 1989 and Gelderland got its own regional station (Radio Gelderland, later Omroep Gelderland), Radio Oost became the station for Overijssel. In 1992 the name was changed to RTV Oost. The station then started as the first regional broadcaster in the Netherlands with 1 hour of television per week.

 Radio Oost started broadcasting 24 hours a day from 1997 and from that moment on it was a full-fledged radio station. Through TV Oost, people in the province could watch the latest news and read information through Tekst TV and Teletext Oost. In 1999, TV Oost said goodbye to NOS news and only regional TV Oost Nieuws was broadcast.

TV Oost's airtime has been extended in recent years. Today, TV Oost broadcasts news, sports and information programs seven days a week.