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Al Araby (Arabic: العربي) is a public television broadcaster that was founded in January 2015. It broadcasts various programs and news programs in Arabic on society, politics, entertainment and culture. The station is headquartered in London and has offices in several Arab and Western capitals as well as 11 offices in the Middle East and around the world.

The aim of the network is to "satisfy the desire of Arab citizens to receive content that appeals to them and how they perceive themselves, their world and their future" in a mission statement. Al Araby TV is considered a platform for Arab youth and wants to be the voice of young Arab viewers.

AlAraby TV is part of the Fadaat Media network, of which The New Arab is a member. Al Arabi strives to influence Arab citizens, their views about themselves, the world and the future, and to be the voice of Arab audiences around the world.

Al Araby TV is already one of the largest television stations in the region producing television programs in London - and was built to compete with the largest and most popular broadcasters in the Arab world. Alaraby TV is estimated to have over 400 media professionals.

The station's current director is Lebanese journalist Abbas Nasser, who was a seasoned senior reporter for Al Jazeera. Al Arabi joined the beIN network in October 2016, but it's still a free TV channel.

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