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ESA Television is the television network of the European Space Agency. It is a pure satellite broadcasting network that regularly transmits programs via the Eutelsat satellite Eutelsat 9A to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as part of the European public information service via satellite. In addition, live events are broadcast via various Eutelsat satellites covering the European continent.

In the years prior to 2008, ESA did not broadcast simultaneously over the Internet, but instead made programs available (and did) for download via an FTP website that required users to log in to access material. A username and password are provided when registering for the ESA Television Notification Service.

In 2008, ESA began broadcasting some of its events on the web via the Livestream.com platform. The channel is expected to report on launches, astronauts and space exploration, and offer regular webcasts from ESA facilities in Europe, the European spaceport in Kourou, and wherever ESA missions fly.

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