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FashionTV is a TV channel that broadcasts international fashion and lifestyle. FashionTV, founded in 1997 in France by Polish-born President Michel Adam Lisowski, is a satellite channel with 31 satellites and 2,000 cable systems that is widely used around the world. As of 2014, it had 400 million views worldwide.

FashionTV is a multimedia platform that offers a global view of fashion and is independently owned and operated from headquarters in Paris, London and Vienna.

It has aired in South Africa on FashionTV, DStv, Channel 178 and the recently launched TopTV. In early 2016, DStv aired an "important announcement" on channel 178, announcing that FashionTV would stop broadcasting on 28 February 2016.

In Australia, the channel was available on Foxtel Digital Subscription Television and Austar on channel 123, and MidnightHot was occasionally seen on channel 955. As of 26 February 2012, Foxtel and Austar no longer offer FashionTV but will continue to offer. IPTV FetchTV service.

The channel's initial closure was reportedly related to its liquidation, but the original franchise owner (FTV Oceania Pty. Ltd) was liquidated in July 2011 and FashionTV International regained control of all activities in Australia at the time, hence the reason the channel was dropped from Foxtel and Austar.

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