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TV Mittelrhein is a private regional broadcaster in North Rhine-Palatinate in the regions of Koblenz, Middle Rhine and Eifel. The operator is DRF Deutschland Fernsehen Produktions GmbH & Co.KG, based in Urbar near Koblenz.


The TV rooms of Middle Rhine and WWTV are located in the media house Klostergut Besselich in Urbar. Around 155,000 cable households have been reached.


According to the company, the technical reach in the cable network is around 450,000 viewers. From June 2008 to December 2012, TV Mittelrhein together with WWTV could also be received across Europe via the Astra 1M satellite.


Regional television in the Koblenz metropolitan region was launched in 1991 under the name "Kanal 10 "founded. In November 2000, the three regional television stations in North Rhine-Palatinate - Channel 10, WWTV and MYK-TV - merged to form the new TVT1 station.


Together they reached 800,000 viewers, but the merger did not bring the expected benefits and the new broadcaster encountered financial difficulties, including due to the audience's lack of acceptance of the new broadcaster. MYK-TV left the network in 2001 after only one year.


In 2003 it was decided to go separate ways and broadcast alone in the respective region. The final economic collapse came for Kanal 10 in 2005, combined with the withdrawal of the broadcasting license by the competent authority LMK in Ludwigshafen. TV Mittelrhein is the new foundation of a television station for the region.


After moving to the editorial office and technical rooms of the Besselich monastery in Urbar near Koblenz and the formation of the program advisory board with personalities from the region, the TV Mittelrhein was granted regulatory approval as a media company in spring 2006.


In autumn 2006 the broadcasting license for the Middle Rhine was issued after a public tender. The transmission area of ​​MYK-TV from Mayen was taken over by TV Mittelrhein on December 31, 2006.


TV Mittelrhein participated in WWTV in February 2008. Both channels merged into a broadcasting community under the TVM / WWTV Produktions- und License GmbH founded on February 1, 2013. The TV Mittelrhein and WWTV channels have been running under the umbrella of DRF Deutschland Fernsehen Produktions GmbH & Co.


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