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The Yokohama DeNA BayStars (横 浜 DeNA ベ イ ス タ ー ズ, Yokohama Dī-Enu-Ē Beisutāzu) are a professional baseball team of the Japanese Central League. His playing field is Yokohama Stadium, located in downtown Yokohama. The team has been known by various names since it became a professional team in 1950. It adopted its current name in 2011 when the club was bought by software company DeNA.

The minor league team shares the same name and uniform as the main team and plays in the Eastern League. The home field for the minor leagues is Yokosuka Stadium, located in Yokosuka, Kanagawa.

The team started as Taiyo Fishing Company, an amateur team currently affiliated with Maruha Corporation (currently Maruha Nichiro). The team began appearing in national tournaments in the 1930s and won the National Sports Festival in 1948, earning it national recognition. In the offseason of 1949, the Japanese professional baseball league expanded dramatically and many players from Taiyo's amateur team were recruited to join the professional leagues. Company owner Taiyo decided to join the newly expanded Central League, which was established in 1950. The team's first professional incarnation was as Team Maruha. The franchise was based on Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi.

The team's name was changed to Taiyō Whales (大洋 ホ エ ー ル ズ, Taiyō Hoeeruzu) shortly after the start of the 1950 season. The Whales hosted several veteran Yomiuri Giants players to make up for their lack of players, but they ended in the lower half of the ranking every year.

In 1951, there was talk of merging with the Hiroshima tent, which had experienced serious financial problems, but the merger never occurred due to massive protests from Hiroshima citizens.

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