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Yonhap News Agency (Korean: 주식회사 연합 뉴스) is a South Korean news agency. It is a government funded company based in Seoul, South Korea. Yonhap provides news articles, pictures and other information to newspapers, TV stations and other media in South Korea.

Yonhap (pronounced [jʌ̹n.ha̠p̚], Korean: 연합; Hanja: 聯合, translit. Yeonhap; meaning "united" in Korean) was created on December 19, 1980, by the merger of the news agency Hapdong and Orient Press. The Hapdong news agency itself was born in late 1945 from the short-lived Kukje News which had operated for two months outside the office of Domei, the former Japanese news agency that operated in Korea at the time. Japanese colonial.

In 1999, Yonhap took over the Naewoe News Agency. Naewoe was an organization affiliated with the South Korean government, established in the mid-1970s and responsible for publishing information and analysis on North Korea from a South Korean perspective through books and magazines. known to have close ties to the South Korean intelligence agency, and according to British academic and historian James Hoare, Naowoe's publications became "less partisan after the late 1980s and are often a useful source of information about North Korea ”.yonhap news tv live, yonhap news tv youtube,