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TV Canção Nova (also known as Canção Nova or Rede Canção Nova) is a Brazilian television station belonging to the Catholic community of Canção Nova.

TV Song Nova was an idea of ​​the priest and Monsignor Jonas Abib, who had wanted to spread the gospel of Christ through the media since the founding of the Nova Song congregation in 1978. For this he raised many people from the city of Cachoeira Paulista, near Lorena, in Vale do Ribeira, State of São Paulo.

On May 25, 1980 Rádio Bandeirantes de Cachoeira Paulista owned by João Jorge Saad was sold to the community of Song Nova.

In 1989 the municipality rented 4 hours of the TVE Rio de Janeiro repeater in Cachoeira Paulista, channel 35 UHF. A trade fair will be broadcast on December 8th of the current year, marking the first broadcast of TV Song Nova. On the same day, Monsignor Jonas Abib (still under the title of priest) completed 25 years.

In 1995, Song launched Neue Website. A year later, the Catholic community was already busy eight hours a day with the repeater programs presented by men and women who are still part of CN, such as deacon Nelsinho Corrêa, Father Santiago Léotz and Dunga and themselves. In 1997 the possibility existed to acquire a power plant.

On August 7, 1997, the final installment of the purchase of TV Jornal de Aracaju (SE) Kanal 13 VHF was paid by the municipality of Song Nova and the Archdiocese of Aracaju. TV Jornal will then cease to be a subsidiary of Rede Headline [quote required] and begin broadcasting TV Canção Nova programs, which will be renamed Canção Nova Sergipe. It later acquired a concession from the Ministry of Communications to operate the UHF channel in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, except from entering Rio de Janeiro via the 44 UHF channel in 2001. Today it has relays in major capitals of the country and more than 350 inland cities, and it continues to grow.

TV Song Nova has 5 studios and 3 event rooms at its headquarters, one of which has a capacity for approx. 80,000 people, the largest open space in Latin America, which with its sound area serves as a backdrop for the program and is equipped with video walls and screen technology. [Citation required] In addition to three mobile satellite generation and production units.

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