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TV Novo Tempo (also known as Novo Tempo or NT) is a Brazilian television network headquartered in Jacareí, in the state of São Paulo. The station is owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The station was established in 1996 by the Adventist Communications System, owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church Nova Friburgo in Rio de Janeiro State, initially as a local TV station under the name TV ADSAT (Adventist Satellite Television). .

Today the station is a commercial network and has relays covering cities large and small via open signal, satellite and cable.

The television network also includes a record label of the same name. The television network also shows Christian content on the NTPlay and Feliz7Play platforms, an initiative of the Novo Tempo de Comunicação Network (Seventh-day Adventist Church).

The history of Rede Novo Tempo de Comunicação began in 1943 when the radio program A Voz da Profecia (VP) was broadcast in Brazil. Until then it was only released in the United States. Here it all started with Pastor Roberto Rabello and his memorable speech at each opening: “We present the Voice of Prophecy, a message of faith and hope that announces the Lord's return”.

Originally accompanied by an American quartet, King's Heralds, VP was the first evangelical program on Brazilian radio and the precursor to the Rede Novo Tempo de Comunicação we now have. Years later, the Brazilian quartet Arautos do Rei would emerge, which would become VP's official band.

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