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Rede Brasil de Televisão (Brazilian Television Network, also known as Rede Brasil or RBTV) is a Brazilian television network headquartered in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. The network first aired in April 2007 and their studio is located in the city of São Paulo, São Paulo. Its network is managed by Marcos Tolentino da Silva.

Released on April 7, 2007. Since its inception, the number of Brazilian municipalities receiving RBTV's signal has been increasing and 512 municipalities have the option to watch RBTV.

Despite what the owner said, the station was taken off the air on June 11, 2021, due to serious issues with the abuse of licensed products without the permission of their creators, and other legal issues that resulted in the destruction of the network. It plans to re-install it under a new name with the operating mode as it ends publication in 2021.