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KTXL, Virtual Channel 40 (UHF Digital Channel 22), is a Fox-owned television station licensed in Sacramento, California, USA. The station is owned by Nexstar Media Group. KTXL Studios are located on Fruitridge Road near Oak Park on the south side of Sacramento, and the transmitter is located in Walnut Grove, California.

Channel 40 UHF in Sacramento was first occupied by KCCC-TV, which was signed in September 1953. He was connected to all four television networks of the time: ABC, CBS, NBC and the DuMont television network. The first KCCC broadcast was the 1953 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers. The station became ABC's main affiliate by 1955, after KCRA-TV (channel 3) and KBET-TV (channel 10, now KXTV) signed up, respectively, taking NBC and CBS full time; and dropped DuMont after this network was rolled up in 1956. It was the first television station in the Sacramento / Stockton / Modesto area. However, as a UHF station, it suffered in ratings because TVs were not required to turn on UHF settings until the Act on the Receiver of All Channels came into force in 1964. Although her fate was decided when the first VHF stations entered the zone. , she managed to hold out until 1957. ABC membership was transferred to KOVR (channel 13) after KCCC-TV and KOVR reached an agreement to merge operations and transfer the KCCC license to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Former KCCC-TV studios and transmitters were then sold to a group of broadcasters who applied for a new license, returning Channel 40 aired in 1959 as KVUE, broadcasting from studios near California's old exhibition grounds at Stockton Boulevard. The station worked for a little less than five months, and then fell silent. KVUE Call Letters are now located at the ABC branch in Austin, Texas.

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