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Kompas TV (stylized as KOMPASTV) is the national terrestrial private television network in Indonesia. It is owned by the KG Media group and is named after its flagship property, the daily newspaper Kompas. Kompas TV started on September 9, 2011 with a performance by Symphony Semest Raya. Kompas TV's current slogan is "Independent and Reliable" (Indonesian: Independen | Terpercaya). On January 28, 2016, Kompas TV was relaunched as a news-focused network.

Hours before the first broadcast, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission announced that Kompas TV did not have a broadcast license. In response, Kompas TV announced that the channel is simply a content provider and is not required to have a broadcast license, as its content can be broadcast on regional and international channels.

Kompas TV began broadcasting through local TV channels in some provinces of Indonesia. Local TV channels have 70% of local content and 30% of Kompas TV programs. Local TV channels broadcasting Kompas TV network: It is expected that in other cities of Indonesia there will be local stations later, which will rebroadcast Kompas broadcasts. Since September 9, 2011, you can watch Kompas TV through these Pay TV networks.

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