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TOLO (Dari / Pashto: طلوع) is a commercial television station operated by MOBY Group in Afghanistan. Launched in 2004, it became one of the country's premier commercial stations and laid the foundation for accessible media by offering a large library of shows. It is a Dari language channel and is currently Afghanistan's most popular TV channel.

TOLO was first launched in Kabul, but since November 2007 it has been broadcasting free-to-air broadcasts to 14 cities in Afghanistan and throughout the region by land and satellite. Its sister channels are TOLOnews, which broadcasts news all day, and Lemar TV, which is a Pashto-language channel.

TOLO was the subject of a 2012 documentary film titled The Network, by Eva Orner. The film had a limited international release in 2013. The iconic drama series from Afghanistan, Raaz Hai Een Khana ("The secrets of this house") won the special prize at the Seoul Drama Awards in October 2008. Presented on Tolo and produced by Kaboora Productions, Raaz Hai Een Khana is the first drama series ever entirely written, performed, filmed, produced and broadcast by Afghans, for Afghans in Afghanistan. He was selected for a special prize from 152 nominations from 33 countries around the world.tolo news afghanistan, tolo news live, tolo news twitter, tolo news pashto, tolo news wiki, tolo news afghanistan dari, tolo news english, tolo news facebook, tolo news afghanistan english, tolo news anchors, tolo news afghan, tolo news agency, tolo news lives in afghanistan, tolo news afghanistan elections, tolo news, breaking news tolonews,