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Achaia Channel is a Greek local television station that serves the entire prefecture of Achaia. The name of the station is bilingual and the headquarters of the station is located in Patras. It offers movies, local shows and music, as well as shows and music from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. He has been broadcasting programs from Seven X since she was a subsidiary. It spreads to the Peloponnese, southern Central Greece, Aetolia, Kythira, Fokida, the Gulf of Corinth, the Saronic islands, the southern Ionian Islands, Boeotia and western Attica.

The station was formerly operated by Achaia Channel SA, which was established on 18 December 1992. The agency currently operating the station, Achaia Radiotelevision SA, was established on 21 December 1998. On 20 March 1998, the channel was licensed under license 6425 / E, from the Ministry of Press. In August 2007, he moved his headquarters from Begoulaki to Ag. Maison. On April 12, 2016, the station was temporarily closed, to move its facilities to the headquarters of Super TV in Corinth.achaia news live, achaia news tv live, achaia news tv,, kato achaia news, duyiki achaia news,