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Rouge TV is a private entertainment television channel in French-speaking Switzerland. It was launched by Groupe Rouge in 2008. Rouge TV is the first private channel in French-speaking Switzerland and is broadcast in high definition throughout Switzerland nationally.

In 2016, the channel was taken over by the competing Geneva group Media One, which owns One TV and LFM TV1.

Rouge TV was created on November 18, 2008. This television channel is broadcast throughout French-speaking Switzerland. With a core target of 25-59 year olds, it is positioned in the entertainment niche, in the broad sense.

While it had been showing two films a week since February 2012, in 2015 it was showing nearly 85 films per month for a total of over 2,000 films per year. It is also broadcasting for the first time an unprecedented television series in French-speaking Switzerland, Painkiller Jane2. Thus, the channel is positioned as a mini-generalist channel that is no longer solely musical. Following audience loyalty3 with cinema programming, from January 2013, the channel broadcasts 2 films every evening of the week4. From January 2014, the channel also broadcasts a film at the start of the afternoon.

In 2013, the channel broadcast the Swiss Music Awards as well as the Mister Switzerland and Miss Switzerland competitions, for the latter in the form of reality TV with “Miss Switzerland the big dream” also broadcast on Sat.1 Schweiz5. In 2014, the channel broadcast the Paléo Festival in Nyon, the Street Parade in Zurich and the Jazz Festival in Montreux.