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Sport-Express ”is a Russian daily newspaper about sports. Founded in 1991. Published by the publishing house "Sport-Express", which also includes an Internet portal and a mobile application. Since 2001, it has been a member of the European Sports Magazines (European sports publications).

The first issue of the newspaper was published on August 14, 1991. The issue was prepared by 14 journalists who left the newspaper "Soviet Sport".

The main difference between the new sports publication and the old one was efficiency - reports from sports events, even evening ones, were published in the next issue. In addition, Sport-Express was the first in the country to start writing about such foreign competitions as the NHL, NBA and Formula 1

Vladimir Kuchmiy became the chief editor. Together with businessman Ivan Rubin, who became the general director of Sport-Express, he was also the main co-owner of the newspaper.

Vladimir Geskin and Vladimir Titorenko were appointed as Kuchmiya's deputies. Among the founders of the newspaper were also Olympic champion Elena Vaitsekhovskaya, journalists Lev Rossoshik, Mikhail Dmitriev, Sergei Rodichenko, Olga Linde, Boris Tosunyan, Alexey Patrikeev, Leonid Trakhtenberg, Evgeny Malkov, Alexander Eliseikin and Sergei Mikulik.

The symbol of the newspaper is a rooster, the image of which appeared on the logo. The rooster symbolized militancy and efficiency. The heading with news about evening and night events has since become known as "Ku-ka-re-ku".

Between 1993 and 1996, the newspaper was mainly owned by the French media group Editions Philippe Amaury, the publisher of the sports daily L'Équipe. In 1995, the 1000th issue of "Sport-Express" was published.

On March 1, 1999, Sport-Express launched its website -

On December 18, 2001 Sport-Express joined the European Sports Magazines association. The cooperation included participation in joint projects, exchange of editorial materials, preparation of exclusive articles and interviews with leading players, coaches and football leaders, as well as mutual assistance in covering the main tournaments - the World and European Championships, the Champions League.

In 2003, the newspaper was ranked third among Russian daily newspapers in terms of reported circulation, with 650,000 copies.

Vladimir Kuchmiy passed away on March 21, 2009. After his death, the newspaper was left without an editor-in-chief for several years. His functions were performed by the first deputies Vladimir Geskin and Vladimir Titorenko.

In 2012, losses led to systematic delays in wages, in August, leading journalists wrote a collective statement to the labor inspectorate, and also threatened CEO Ivan Rubin with a strike. At the end of August, Rubin sold his stake in Sport-Express. The new owner is Eduard Raikin, General Director of the St. Petersburg branch of Channel One. The publishing house was headed by the famous journalist Konstantin Kleschev, who worked at Sport-Express in 1992-2003.

In April 2013, due to disagreements with part of the team, Kleschev left the newspaper, and the former chief of the hockey department Dmitry Kuznetsov took the place of the editor-in-chief. His deputy at that time was a columnist, an expert on “What? Where? When?" Boris Levin. In April 2015, during the reorganization of the publishing house, editor-in-chief Dmitry Kuznetsov and part of the team expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the management and demanded a change of ownership. After that, Kuznetsov, his deputies and about 20 more journalists were fired. The publication was restructured. The publishing house was headed by Maksim Maksimov, who previously held the posts of executive secretary and chief of the football department.

In March 2016, National Media Group CJSC announced the conclusion of a deal to purchase 25 percent of the publication's shares. The board of directors is headed by the multiple world champion, Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics Alina Kabaeva.

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