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TNT (Russian: ТНТ (Russian: Твоё Новое Телевидение, romanized: Tvoyo Novoye Televideniye, lit. "The New Television") or TNT (Russian: ТНТ (Russian: Телевидение ного тысячелея Teleтт rom rom rom for a New Chile) is a Russian federal channel. TV was founded in 1997  and is considered one of the five most popular television channels in Russia. At the beginning of 2012, it reached more than 104 million people.

Although its target audience is spectators aged 14 to 44, its main demographic is aged 18 to 30. The channel focuses on entertainment, especially comedies. He has been a member of Gazprom-Media, Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV (founded in 2015) since 2001.

TNT 's main source of revenue is advertising. It has regional TV stations and regional partners, which receive advertising time on the channel. The channel transmits its signal via satellites in four orbits, which allow its 27 television stations to receive it in the respective time zones. The signal is received and redistributed by local stations broadcasting in most major cities and 5,900 smaller communities in the Russian Federation.tnt russian TV channel, tnt russian tv, tnt (Russian TV channel) TV shows, tnt russian television,