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RT (Russia Today acronym; "Russia Today", translated from English, "Россия сегодня" [Rossiya segodnya] in its original name in Russian) is an international television network of Russian origin. Based in Moscow, it presents news bulletins, documentaries, talk and talk shows, as well as sports news and cultural programs in Russia for the foreign news market, from a Russian point of view.

RT operates as a multilingual service with channels in four languages; the original channel in English was launched in 2005, Rusiya Al-Yaum in Arabic was launched in 2007, RT Deutsch in 2014, while its Spanish channel Actualidad RT was launched in 2009. Since 2010 there is RT America, which focuses on the United States. United States, based in Washington, DC.5 Since 2014, RT UK, which focuses on the United Kingdom, has been located in London; and in December 2017, RT France.6

RT is a brand of TV-Novosti, founded by RIA Novosti (currently Russia Today) on April 6, 2005.27 During the economic crisis of December 1996, the Russian government included the autonomous non-profit organization TV- Novosti in the list of the central organizations of strategic importance of Russia.8910

RT has been accused by Western media of being a means of propaganda for the Russian government11 and its foreign policy.121314151617 It has also been accused of spreading disinformation171819 by its journalists,2021 including those who no longer work for the channel.

UK media regulator Ofcom has repeatedly found that RT has breached its fairness rules, and on one occasion found that the network had broadcast "materially misleading" content.

RT's editor-in-chief compared it to the Russian military and the Ministry of Defense and said the network would "wage information warfare against the entire Western world." In September 2017, RT America was forced to register as a "foreign agent" with the United States Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, in which RT will be required to disclose their financial information.26