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Formula TV Georgia is a new Georgian TV channel created on July 22 and broadcasting from October 1. The channel was founded by the Formula Creative team, which started working as a production company in 2011.

Before leaving Rustavi 2, their production was broadcast on the channel. Among them are the most successful and popular Georgian TV series Chemi Tsolis Dakalebi (My Wife's Friends), as well as Samzareulos Omebi (Kitchen Wars) and Mtavari Ekimi (Master Doctor). All his productions continue on his own channels, and he also presents a political talk show and news program to the audience.

Television Formula (TV Formula Georgia) is a new Georgian media broadcaster Live TV. It started broadcasting on October 1, 2019 and aims to become the best TV channel in the country. According to the media, this new channel is funded by David Kezerashvili. The owners and leading contributors to this new television are highly intelligent, talented and renowned journalists and writers.

The main group of this channel consists of copywriters and well-known employees of Formula Creative, known for successful TV shows and other well-made programs. Formula TV has a very famous TV show "Chemi Colis Daqalebi" etc in their TV shows. He has such big names. The members of this channel plan to continue producing quality series and give them a second wind.